Product | User Experience | Engineering


Company description:
Neuwirth Design and Engineering combines both creative skills with engineering know-how. We research new developments and innovations, turn those research ideas into technical plans, consider cost, effectiveness, safety and finalize designs into interesting products.

1) Research & Development
Innovation Management, Trend Research, Target Group Analysis

2) Design
Product Design, Furniture Design, Interior Design, Exhibition Design, Set Design, Usability, Ergonomics, Web Design, Interface Design

3) Engineering
CAD Design, Materials Engineering, Surface Engineering, Production Optimization for small series and mass production, Sustainability, Mechanics, Patent Search, Reverse Engineering, Sensor Technology, Statistical Data Analysis, Robotics, Automation, Kinematic Simulation, Finite Elements, Rapid Prototyping, Production Coordination

4) Sales
Photorealistic Rendering, 2D & 3D Animation, 3D Web Animation, Logo Design, Graphics, Layout, Packaging